Retirement in Thailand

If you are looking at retiring in Chiang Mai then look no further than obtaining the services of our solicitor in Chiang Mai for further advice about retirement and the cost of living in Thailand.

If you are looking a retirement in Chiang Mai then you need to speak to our solicitors in Thailand as they will give you a full break down of the procedures. Firstly you need to have a clean bill of health. This needs to be confirmed at a Thai hospital and you need to have a medical certificate from this. You should also not have a criminal record. Speak to our solicitor in Chiang Mai is you have a DUI from the US as the Thai government has become very tough of criminal offences from overseas. A DUI might however not be an issue however it is best to have this verified when applying. You also need to meet the financial requirements of the retirement visa. There are two options and these are as follows. Firstly you need to have an income of at least  65,000 Baht a month in order to live in Thailand and this needs to be verified by your embassy in Thailand.

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