Permanent Residency

Instead of settling for a long-term stay in Thailand, why not choose to be a permanent resident? Although this entails a seemingly complicated procedure, this can be overcome with the help of a competent immigration lawyer.

Why apply for permanent residency?

Permanent residency in Thailand offers several advantages that cannot be acquired from a longterm stay. First, it eliminates the need to apply for a visa. Once granted, the usual immigration procedures such as filing for an extension, visa runs and visa renewals are no longer necessary. Oftentimes, these practices have become a burden to many long-term visa holders. However, with Thailand’s permanent residence option, life becomes a whole lot easier. Critically speaking, this is also far more cost-effective since a foreigner is no longer compelled to pay visa-related fees and even
fines, for that matter.

Second, permanent residents receive a permanent residence and alien registration books. The alien registration books shall serve as the foreigner’s identification card. But of course, under any circumstances, the identification card is an important document that can be utilized in various transactions and processes.

Third, the residence permit enables its holders to include their names in housing registrations. Needless to say, acquiring such document evokes the feeling of security and assurance. This is most especially true for those who have invested in residential and condominium units. Last and perhaps, this is the most important advantage of becoming a permanent resident is the easy acquisition of the Thailand work permit. Similar to the visa application, applying for a work permit can be pretty difficult. This is in contrast to those who merely have a long-term visa in Thailand. Relatively, the easy access to the work permit translates to increase chances of gaining employment.

Additional privileges of Thailand permanent residence

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, the residency permit entails other privileges such as:

Easy condo acquisition – Normally, foreigners have to transfer their money from abroad so that they could purchase condominium units. Yet, once permanent residency is granted, money transfers are no longer necessary since local funds can be used to procure it.

Citizenship eligibility – Foreigners may apply for Thai citizenship upon staying as permanent residents for 5 years.