Marriage in Thailand

Getting married in Thailand can be a 3 day process when you need to deal with all the red tape involved with getting the marriage registered in the Kingdom. Here are the reasons and procedures.

Getting married in Thailand means that the marriage has to be registered in Thailand. When the two who are getting married are both foreigners it gives rise to many issues that would not be part of getting married to a Thai national. Firstly you need to have a letter from your embassy called an affirmation to state that you are single and able to get married. If you are getting married to a Thai you are the only one who would require this letter however if you are both foreigners then you have to obtain a latter each from your own respective embassies in Thailand. This process usually takes two days and you need to complete all the forms at your embassy in Thailand and return the following day to collect it.

For foreigners wanting to marry in Thailand, the first step is to obtain affirmations from their respective embassies. This is the only way to confirm that you are legally free to get married.

The embassy will then need to verify your citizenship and that you have no legal impediments to getting married. You’ll then need to have your embassy’s form ‘affirmation of freedom to marry’ translated into Thai, before you can apply for marriage registration at the local district office (Amphur).

Next, you’ll need to submit all the required paperwork to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok. This is the place where your documents will be authenticated and returned to you the following day.

You’ll also need a certified copy of your passport and your partner’s passport as well. You’ll need to bring them with you when you go to the registrar.

Both parties must be over the age of seventeen or of marriageable age in accordance with your own country’s law. If either of the parties is under seventeen they will need permission from their parents to get married.

If one of the couple has a criminal record, this will prevent them from being able to get married. In addition, if the couple has a prenuptial agreement they will need to have this registered at the same time as their marriage.

It is a good idea to contact the District Office (Amphur) where you want to get married for details of their marriage laws. These will be different from those in your home country and will vary depending on your nationality.

Getting married in Thailand is a simple process. It’s best to plan your visit in advance and have everything prepared before you arrive.

There are a few steps involved in the marriage registration process and you can choose to do it all yourself or you could hire an attorney to do it for you. Having an attorney will save you time and hassle and ensure that you’re in the clear legally.

A marriage under Thai law can only be registered if the parties have reached 17 years of age or are of marriageable age in accordance with your home country’s law. The court may allow couples to marry before they reach this age if there is an appropriate reason for it.

The registrar will then issue you a certificate of marriage. This is a legal document that will be recognized throughout the world.

You can then use this to make legal claims against your new husband or wife in any future disputes that you might encounter. This can help to protect your assets and avoid potential tax issues as well as other problems.

In addition to a marriage registration, you can also get married in a traditional manner using a Thai Betrothal Ceremony. This can be done in a religious or non-religious ceremony and it is legal under Thai law.