Buying or Renting in Chiang Mai

There are many options when you retire in Thailand when it comes to settling down. You can either rent property or buy the property. This is where a solicitor will be needed.

Many expats depending on their needs tend to rent property on a month by month bases. Other prefer long term leasehold agreements while others do buy the property they live in. If you are considering living in Thailand then consider the area where you are looking at buying. Before you buy always live in the area for at least 6 months so that you can see how it feels to live in the area. On many occassions expats find that either the taxi drivers cannot find the property or that there is a school nearby that becomes a hive of activity during the day or the person down the road might have a distribution business that block the road for most of the day. Get a good idea of the pros and cons of the are in which you wish to buy.

Speak to us today if you are looking at buying a condo in Chiang Mai or simply retirement in Thailand.