Permanent Residency

Instead of settling for a long-term stay in Thailand, why not choose to be a permanent resident? Although this entails a seemingly complicated procedure, this can be overcome with the help of a competent immigration lawyer. Why apply for permanent residency? Permanent residency in Thailand offers several advantages that cannot be acquired from a longterm […]

Long-Term Visas in Thailand

Judging by the volume of visa runs conducted every year, it is obvious that many desire a long-term stay in Thailand. But then again, considering the hassle and inconvenience of visa runs, not to mention, the risk of exposing these visitors to immigration violations, many would want to know whether there are options available for […]

Work Permit in Chiang Mai

In Thailand, any activity that makes use of one’s physical strength and knowledge, whether it is paid or not, is considered as “work.” Evidently, when performing work in the said country, a work permit is needed. This situation remains true even in the case of those who are engaged in volunteerism and other related activities.

Buying or Renting in Chiang Mai

There are many options when you retire in Thailand when it comes to settling down. You can either rent property or buy the property. This is where a solicitor will be needed. Many expats depending on their needs tend to rent property on a month by month bases. Other prefer long term leasehold agreements while others […]

Retirement in Thailand

Thai Retirement Visa

If you are looking at retiring in Chiang Mai then look no further than obtaining the services of our solicitor in Chiang Mai for further advice about retirement and the cost of living in Thailand. If you are looking a retirement in Chiang Mai then you need to speak to our solicitors in Thailand as they […]

Marriage in Thailand

Marriage Registration in Thailand

Getting married in Thailand can be a 3 day process when you need to deal with all the red tape involved with getting the marriage registered in the Kingdom. Here are the reasons and procedures. Getting married in Thailand means that the marriage has to be registered in Thailand. When the two who are getting […]

Thailand Visa Options

Thai Visa for Foreigners

There are a number of Thailand Visa options when visiting Thailand. These range from a tourist visa, marriage visa or a retirement visa. These are the options available. Depending on what you wish to do in Chiang Mai or Thailand for that matter will tell you which visa to obtain for your visit to Thailand. If you are lloking […]